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re: Guild Prize Vault


Updated 1/18/18

Mount Vault

Coalfist Gronnling x12, Swift Lovebird, Swift, Springstrider, Mekgineer's ChopperTraveler's Tundra Mammoth, a Skygolem or one of the JC panther mounts (JadeRubySapphireSunstone), Darkwater Skate, White Primal Raptor


Pet Vault

AbyssiusAnubisath IdolAqua StriderAshstone Core x4, Azure Crane Chick, Baby Elderhorn, Benax, Blackfuse Bombling, Blightbreath x3, Blorp's Bubble, Bone Serpent x3, Bloodboil x8, Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot, Brilliant Spore x2Chaos Pup x 2, Cinder Pup x 12, Cinderweb Recluse, Clockwork Rocket Bot x 6, Cobra HatchlingCorefire Imp x 3, Cursed Birman x 2, Dandelion Frolicker x6, Death Adder HatchlingDeath Talon WhelpguardDirehorn Runt, Docile Skyfin x3, Doom Bloom x2, Drafty, Drudge Ghoul, Elekk Plushie x4, Elementium Geode, Fel-Afflicted Skyfin x2, Felbat Pup, Fetid Waveling x2, Fiendish Imp, FirewingFishy x 2, Fossilized Hatchling x2, Fragment of Anger x2, Fragment of Desire, Fragment of Suffering, Frostwolf GhostpupGhaz'rooki x 3, Ghastly Kid x 2, Ghostly Skull, Giant Bone Spider x 2, Gilnean Raven, Green Helper BoxGreen Wing MacawGrinderGrumpling x3, Gu'chi Swarmling, Harbinger of Flame Harmonious Porcupette x 2, Hyacinth Macaw, HydralingHyjal WispIkky x 3, Imperial Moth x 4, Iron Starlette x 7, Jade OwlJingling BellLeft Shark, Legs, Lesser Voidcaller x 5, Leviathan Hatchling x 7, Lifelike Mechanical FrostboarLil' Bad Wolf x 3, Lil' Bling (6 Rare; 1 Uncommon), Lil' Leftovers x4, Living Sandling x3, Lovebird Hatchling x3, Lumpy, Lunar LanternMacabre MarionetteMagic Lamp x 2, Meadowstomper Calf (1 Rare; 1 Uncommon), Mechanical Axebeak x2, Mechanical Scorpid x2, Mechanical SquirrelMenagerie Custodian x2, Mini Mindslayer x3, Muckbreath x2, Nightshade Sproutling, Nobelgarden Bunny x4, Orange Tabby CatOre Eater x2, Pandaren Air SpiritPandaren Earth Spirit  x 2Peddlefeet x 3, Periwinkle Calf x 2, Pet Bombling, Phoenix Hatchling, Phoenix Hawk Hatchling x 4, Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm x3, Pocket Reaver x 4, Puddle Terror x 3, Pygmy Owl, Rattlejaw Razormaw HatchlingRed Helper Box Risen Saber Kitten x4, Rotten Helper x3, Sapphire CubScooter the Snail, Scraps x3, Seaborne Spore, Sea Pony, Servant of Demidos, Sewer Pipe Jelly, Sinister Squashling x5, Sister of Temptation x2, Skunky Alemental x2, Sky-Bo x3, Slithershock Elver x 3, Smolderweb Hatchling x 3, Snarly, Snowman Kit x2, Snowshoe RabbitSnowy Panda, Son of Sethe, Soul of the Forge x 3, Soulbroken Whelpling, Spring Rabbit's Foot x 9, Stitched Pup x 3, Stormborne Whelpling, Stout Alemental x 6, Strand Crawler x 3, Sun Sproutling x3, Sunblade Micro-Defender, Sunfire Kaliri x2, Sunreaver Micro-Sentry x5, Terrible Turnip x 2, Toxic Wasteling x 6, Translucent Shell, Tree Frog x2, Trigger x3, Voodoo FigurineWeebomination x 2Widget the Departed x 2, Worg Pup x2, Wretched Servant x4, Young Talbuk x2, Zandalari Anklerender x 7, Zandalari Footslasher x3Zandalari Kneebiter x 8, Zangar Spore x 2, Zephyrian Prince x5, Zomstrok


Mog Vault

Cloth: Starfire Vest of the SorcererConjurer's Vest of the WhaleElder's Padded Armor of the OwlRitual Tunic of the EagleIvycloth Tunic of the EagleBeaded Wraps of the OwlGreen Woolen VestAstralaan Robe of StaminaWill of Edward the OddBlack Velvet RobesRitual Shroud of the OwlScholarly RobesShroud of Spiritual PurityEgg-Warming Blanket of the ForeseerArcane RobeBlue Linen RobeRegal Robe of the Whale,Orunai Robe of the FireflashLunarglow Robe of the PeerlessShimmering Robe of Intellect, Forlorn Loa-Binder Robe, Temporal Scholar's Robe of the Quickblade, Mistscape Armor, Anchorite Robe of the Fireflash,Ravendown Robe of the Peerless, Mantle of the Extensive MindShadow Council Mantle of IntellectBloodspore Leggings of the OwlLeggings of the Sacred Crest x2, Aurora CowlAugural ShroudNightsky CowlCrown of Endless KnowledgeEverstill Sandals of the WavecrestAstralaan Belt of the SorcererArcane Sash

Leather: Raptor Hide HarnessTimeworn Shadowtooth Curiass of the BanditGrizzly Jerkin of the OwlJourneying Robes of the PeerlessSilvermoon Tunic of the WildChestguard of the TalonSandals of the InsurgentEmblazoned HatMask of Veiled DeathTailthrasher Jerkin of the FireflashKilt of Living GrowthYojamba Boots of the WavecrestMighty Girdle of DodgeClefthoof Belt of Intellect

Mail: Masterwork Breastplate of SpiritInfantry Tunic of PowerBrigade Breastplate of the FalconDark Iron MailFel Iron TunicSkettis Chestpiece of IntellectBattleforge Armor of the BoarLord's Breastplate of the WhaleDer'izu Chestpiece of IntellectOrnate Breastplate of the WhaleBurnished TunicIronspine Chain Vest of PowerHero's LeggingsBattleforge Legguards of the EagleMercurial Legguards of the WolfMasterwork Legplates of the EaglePauldrons of Surging ManaSundered Gauntlets of the Bandit, Defender Tunic of StrengthBattered Saurscale Chestpiece of the StormblastWrathfin Armor of StrengthDer'izu Belt of the FalconBrittle Flamereaver Belt of the MarksmanLord's Crown of the Bear

Plate: Darkcrest Breastplate of the SorcererBloodfist Breastplate of the BeastWarleader's BreastplateEmerald Breastplate of the BearRevenant Chestplate of StrengthChestguard of Illumination, Jandvik Breastplate of the Quickblade, Bloodscale Breastplate of the Whale, Conqueror's Gauntlets of the OwlImbued Plate LeggingsBloodfist Legplates of the ChampionConqueror's Legplates of NimblenessDarkcrest Legguards of the ChampionLegguards of the Shattered HandShattered Hand Legplates of the SorcererWarlord's Iron-Girdle of the SorcererPrimordial Bloodsoaked Belt of the TigerBoulderfist Belt of the BeastSmoldering Helm of the Fireflash

Cloaks: Renegade Cloak of the BearSuede Cloak of PowerCloak of the Darkmoon FaireCloak of EntropyEternal Cloak of SpiritVertigo CloakSoulkeeper Cloak of the Zealot

Shields: Shield of the Wayward FootmanJasperlode Shield of the SorcererDraenei Honor Guard ShieldEmperor Shield of IntellectLoa-Binder Disc of the SeerFel-Iron Shield of the GorillaBlockade's Lost ShieldRavenskar Shield of the FeverflareTelaari Shield of Intellect, Stonecrag Shield of the Harmonious

Off-hands: Coldsinger Crystal of the FeverflareMoonwhisper Crystal of the DeftSupplicant's Rod of the ElderSlavehandler Rod of the ElderDreamseeker Dandelion of the SorcererEvermorn Twig of the StrategistAncestral Branch of the HarmoniousRod of Molten FireSoulkeeper Ledger of the Strategist

Fist Weapons: Gorian Knuckles of the SavageShocking ClawsCrystalline Geoknife  

One-handed Axes: Kingly Axe of the OwlBerserker Axe of IntellectGloom Reaper of the BoarDemon's Claw of StaminaFel Iron HatchetBladespire Broadaxe of the GorillaObsidium CleaverEbonclaw Reaver of the MonkeyAxe of the LegionIvory-Hilted Cleaver, Warlord's Axe of the Whale

Daggers: Lhakaz's Missing RibspreaderSharpened Multi-Prong DaggerVoid Bound KnifeElanor's EdgeChelley's Sterilized Scalpel Whale Ripper of the MonkeyBlade of Trapped Knowledge

One-handed Maces: Silvermoon War-Mace of StaminaDoomsayer's Mace of the EagleFist of ReckoningAnvilmar Hammer of the SoldierSpirit-Clad Mace of the EagleThe Ancient Scepter of Sue-MinHowling Mace of the DeftShadowsage Scepter of the HarmoniousMelia's Magnificent Scepter, Matti's Magnificent Mace, Asendant's Scepter of the Owl, Engraved Mace of the Tiger

One-handed Swords: Howling Sword of the QuickbladeBloodmane Sword of the FeverflareLunarglow Sword of the HarmoniousReinforced TuskbladeRustmaul Sword of the SoldierTelaari Longblade of StrengthCrystalblade of the DraeneiBuc-Zakai BugslicerSoul BladeRune Sword of the TigerSkettis Curved Blade of the FalconBlinkstrikeLydia's Sharpened SwordbreakerCrystal Sword of the Bear, Horrifying Meatsaw 

Two-handed Swords: Fel Orc Brute Sword of StrengthVengeance Blade of the OwlLunarglow Greatsword of the FireflashFrostbitten Greatsword of the QuickbladeIncised Greatsword of the FireflashHowling Greatsword of the SavageVinewrapped Greatsword of the PeerlessMok'Nathal Warblade of the ElderRustmaul Greatsword of the EarthfallAuchenai Greatsword of the QuickbladeFel Iron GreatswordTraining Sword of the TigerHeadstriker Sword of the BearArchaic DefenderSteelspark Greatsword of the SoldierMardenholde Greatsword of the TigerNethergarde Greatsword of the EarthshakerRage-Possessed GreatswordNethersteel Claymore of the ChampionDragon Wing Blade of IntellectUnearthed Broadsword of the Beast  

Two-handed Axes: Singing Crystal AxeColossal Great Axe of the BearLord Alexander's Battle AxeRazor Axe of the TigerEngraved Broadaxe of the EarthshakerSilver-Edged Axe of the BeastKillmaim, Ghostly Battle Axe of the BearAngerfang Broadaxe of the LandslideSlavemaster Axe of the ChampionHowling Broadaxe of the MercilessTayger's Sword-On-A-StickOgre Splitting Axe of the InvokerCrystalforged War AxeDeath Striker of the EagleGlorious War-Axe of Agility

Two-handed Maces: Armagedillo's TailBlood Knight Maul of the ElderHalaani Hammer of the ChampionHowling Hammer of the DeftFrostbitten Hammer of the StrategistThe OathkeeperAlgaz Battle Hammer of the SoldierThrallmar War Hammer of the MonkeyBrutehammer of SpiritCommanding Mallet of the Beast, Sorrow's End, Vinewrapped Hammer of the Feverflare

Polearms: Hellfire War Spear of StaminaGrim Scythe of PowerNether Trident of PowerRigid Spear of the BanditAngerfang Spear of the SoldierRitter's Rat RenderBanner Slicer

Bows & Guns: Wall Guardian's LongrifleSkettis Bow of the HarmoniousYielding Bow of AgilityDutiful Longbow of the ChampionLava Bolt CrossbowGorestrung Longbow of Kel'tannBronzed Bow of the EarthfallIrontree Gun of the FaultlineRowan's Rifle of Silver BulletsAngerfang Gun of the Windstorm, Vinewrapped Bow of the Harmonious, Shrediron's Shredder of the Feverflare

Wands: StarfallerTorchlight WandThondroril Wand of the SorcererMechano-Wand of the WhaleFlawless Wand of the ProphetSkycallerBlackwolf Wand of the Eagle, Gwyneth's Runed Dragonwand

Staffs: The Bringer of DeathMatsuba's BreadmakerStaff of Old WoesSwarming Sting-Staff of the BeastLunarglow Staff of the FireflashFrostbitten Staff of the FeverflareMagus Long Staff of the BoarStaff of Solemn SecrecyDwarven Magestaff of PowerThaumaturgist Staff of IntellectHowling Staff of the FeverflareFrostbitten Staff of the AuroraLunarglow Staff of the MercilessVinewrapped Staff of the PeerlessStarshine Staff of the TigerSealing HeartstaffFrenzied Staff of StaminaStaff of Divine InfusionMagician Staff of the MonkeyPurification Staff of StaminaConifer Cone Staff of the BeastCreeperclaw Staff of the Harmonious, Glowing Brightwood Staff


Toy & Misc. Vault


Autographed Hearthstone Card x2, Brawler's Pass x2, Fuzzy Green Lounge Cushion x4, Pineapple Lounge Cushion x 3, Safari Lounge Cushion x7, Zhevra Lounge Cushion x3, Void-Shrouded Stachel x7Sack of Spectral Spiders x 3, Crashin' Thrashin' Killdozer Controller, Crashin' Thrashin' Mortar Controller, Burning Blade x 10,  Coin of Many Faces x2, Lucky CharmChi-ji KiteYu'lon Kite, Huge Ogre Cache, Stack of Preserved Holly x4, Ring of Blood Invitation, A Steamy Romance Novel, A Steamy Romance Novel: Big Brass Bombs, A Steamy Romance Novel: Forbidden Love x2, A Steamy Romance Novel: Got Milk? x4, A Steamy Romance Novel: Savage Passions x4, For the Light!, 50 Darkmoon Daggerfin , 100 Giant Dinosaur Bones, Draenor Clan Orator Cane x7, Arakkoa Cipher x2, Ogre Missive x6, Very Unlucky Rock, Cask of Dalaran White, Cask of Dalaran Red, Spectral Grog x6, Pocket Fel Spreader x4, Personal Hologram x3, Jewelcraft, Blingtron's Circuit Design Tutorial

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