The Order of the Minstrels is a group dedicated to the witty and lyrical manifestation of awesomeness through song. In order to become a member of the Order of the Minstrel you must compose a parody (or original) song of your choice and post the lyrics (or audio/video) to the Raid Tunes section. Remember these can be collaborations and you don't even have to do the singing. 



Celadrithien of the Black Harvest 

Cela may not write whole songs as often as the Insane One, but when she does, man are her lyrics full of wit. 

-Gesar in collaboration with Rhodaria and Farfi

-Trapper's Delight


Cornick the Kingslayer

Cornick wasn't even in the guild a month before writing his first parody song! Seriously this is my kind of guildmate! Plus, a very different taste in music than me so we get a great variety!

-Run DF to Level


Elenntari the Undaunted 

Elenntari may not be as obsessed with parody songs as Rho, but when she does she goes all out. Her first parody hit was a great tribute to our wonderful raid times this last tier in Mists of Pandaria.

~Raise your Flask!

~Catch Me (Nae Nae) in collaboration with Rhodaria & Chaeni

~Oops...I Clicked it Again! in collaboration with Rhodaria and inspired by Eulaa


Crashin' Thrashin' Eulaa  

Eulaa was added to the Order of the Minstrels by being the inspiration for one of Rho's parody songs. 

~Inspired Rho's song Oops...I Clicked it Again!


Farfi the Undaunted  

Farfi comes up with brilliant ideas for parody songs more than she writes them, but she finally contributed some lyrics to one. 

~Gesar in collaboration with Rhodaria and Celadrithien

~Catch Me (Nae Nae) in collaboration with Elenntari & Rhodaria


Elder Noinar 

While he may not get inspired often, when he does it is amazing. Noinar caught the parody bug from his wife Rhodaria. Unfortunately, she has not yet been able to convince him to do a single audio version yet.

~ Get Me Geared


Rhodaria the Insane 

So, once again the title seems to fit just right. Rhodaria is in fact insane about her parody songs. Not quite sure why, but they sure do strike her fancy. In fact, family members have threatened multiple interventions. 

~ All the Scardy Raiders (You Gotta Try Again)

~ We Will Survive (Those Shamans) in collaboration with Pheebbes

~ Circle of Doom

~ (Can't Beat My) DPS

~ Hardcores

~ Hazard to Myself

~When We're in Siege


~Infernal Boom Boom

~Catch Me (Nae Nae) in collaboration with Elenntari & Chaeni

~I Would Die for Loot

~Oops...I Clicked it Again! in collaboration with Elenntari and inspired by Eulaa



Pheebbes the Light of Dawn 

Pheebbes is another creative and innovative member of Reciprocity. She may have had some encouragement from Rhodaria and Perriwinklle, but she is a force to be reckoned with.

~ Lights Don't Bother Rho Anyway in collaboration with Perriwinklle


Sihnon the Kingslayer 

One of the earliest parody makers in Reciprocity, she has a totally different style from the rest of us and it is great. We love having variety in our parodies. 

~ Ally for Life

~ Kalimdor Love

~Everyone Kill the Dinosaur


Starcaller Perriwinkle 

They always say you want to get 'em while they're young *evil laughter* and that is just what we have done here. While she has only published one of her works, I hear she has many "in progress".

~ Lights Don't Bother Rho Anyway in collaboration with Pheebbes 


Whithers the Undying  

He might not be one to go all out and write whole songs, but boy does he come up with good ones. Of those brilliant ideas, the following have been turned into full songs:

~Rhoderpia by Rhodaria