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    Current DKP - Pool

    Earned Spent Total Last Raid Last 30 Last 60
    239.000.00239.002017-04-27No RaidsNo Raids

    Item History

    Item Spent Date Raid Name Event
    [Ring of Braided Stems] 02017-02-16NightholdBonus Loot
    [Sunflare Coal] 02017-02-16NightholdNormal Boss Kill
    [Radiant String of Scorpid Eyes] 02017-02-07NightholdNormal Boss Kill
    [138374en]02017-02-07NightholdNormal Boss Kill
    [Soul of Flame] 02017-02-07NightholdNormal Boss Kill
    [Leystone-Toe Kickers] 02017-02-07NightholdNormal Boss Kill
    [Zealous Timestone Pendant] 02017-02-07NightholdNormal Boss Kill
    [Gleaming Celestial Waistguard] 02017-02-07NightholdTrash
    [Pharamere's Forbidden Grimoire] 02017-02-07NightholdBeginning Attendence
    [Claw of the Crystalline Scorpid] 02017-01-31The NightholdNormal Boss Kill
    [Twice-Warped Azsharan Signet] 02017-01-15EN & ToV HeroicBonus Loot
    [Blackened Portalstone Necklace] 02017-01-15EN & ToV HeroicHeroic Boss Kill
    [139248en]02017-01-14Emerald Nightmare HeroicHeroic Boss Kill
    [142516en]02017-01-10ToVNormal Boss Kill
    [Grubby Silver Ring] 02017-01-05Heroic ENHeroic Boss Kill
    [142426en]02016-12-27ToVNormal Boss Kill
    [Storm-Battered Legplates] 02016-12-11Emerald Nightmare HeroicHeroic Boss Kill
    [Waistplate of Nameless Horror] 02016-12-11Emerald Nightmare HeroicHeroic Boss Kill
    [Trampling Warboots] 02016-12-08Emerald Nightmare HeroicHeroic Boss Kill
    [Favor of the Prime Designate] 02016-12-06Trial of ValorNormal Boss Kill
    [Horror Inscribed Chestguard] 02016-12-04Emerald Nightmare HeroicBonus Loot
    [Wristclamps of Mad Dreams] 02016-12-01Emerald Nightmare HeroicHeroic Boss Kill
    [Chains of the Valorous] 02016-11-29Trial of ValorBonus Loot
    [Reinforced Hound-Handler's Gauntlets] 02016-11-22Trial of ValorBonus Loot
    [Radiant Dragon Egg] 02016-10-25Emerald Nightmare NormalNormal Boss Kill
    [Sloshing Core of Hatred] 02016-10-25Emerald Nightmare NormalNormal Boss Kill
    [Venom-Fanged Barbute] 02016-10-25Emerald Nightmare NormalNormal Boss Kill
    [Horror Inscribed Chestguard] 02016-10-18Emerald Nightmare NormalNormal Boss Kill
    [Grubby Silver Ring] 02016-10-11Emerald Nightmare NormalNormal Boss Kill
    [Primal Gauntlets of Rage] 02016-10-11Emerald Nightmare NormalNormal Boss Kill
    [Twice-Warped Azsharan Signet] 02016-10-06Emerald Nightmare NormalNormal Boss Kill
    [Ravaged Seed Pod] 02016-10-04Emerald Nightmare NormalBonus Loot
    [Insect-Etched Chestplate] 02016-10-01Emerald Dream NormalNormal Boss Kill
    [Ursoc's Rending Paw] 02016-09-27Emerald Nightmare-NormalNormal Boss Kill
    [Dragonbone Wristclamps] 02016-09-27Emerald Nightmare-NormalBonus Loot
    [Mindrend Band] 02016-09-22Emerald Nightmare-NormalNormal Boss Kill
    [Trampling Warboots] 02016-09-22Emerald Nightmare-NormalBonus Loot
    [Ravaged Seed Pod] 02016-09-20Emerald Nightmare NormalNormal Boss Kill

    Raid History

    Raid Name Raid Date Earned
    Heroic Nighthold-Night 12017-04-272
    Nighthold Normal 2017-04-118
    Fresh Nighthold2017-04-0910
    Heroic Nighthold-Night 22017-04-081
    Heroic Nighthold-Night 12017-04-065
    Nighthold Normal 2017-04-045
    Nighthold Fresh2017-04-028
    Nighthold Heroic2017-04-013
    Nighthold 2017-03-289
    Nighthold Heroic2017-03-254
    Nighthold Night 22017-03-233
    Nighthold 2017-03-2110
    Nighthold Heroic2017-03-183
    Nighthold Night 22017-03-163
    Nighthold 2017-03-149
    Heroic Nighthold2017-03-104
    Nighthold 2017-03-079
    Normal ToV & Heroic EN2017-02-264
    Trial of Valor Heroic2017-02-251
    Nighthold 2017-02-212
    Heroic Emerald Nightmare2017-02-196
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2017-02-125
    Nighthold Day 22017-02-091
    The Nighthold2017-01-311
    The Nighthold2017-01-172
    EN & ToV Heroic2017-01-152
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2017-01-148
    Trial of Valor Heroic2017-01-122
    Heroic EN2017-01-054
    Heroic EN2017-01-012
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-12-226
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-12-161
    Trial of Valor2016-12-133
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-12-114
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-12-085
    Trial of Valor2016-12-062
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-12-042
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-12-014
    Trial of Valor2016-11-292
    Trial of Valor2016-11-222
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-11-122
    Trial of Valor2016-11-102
    Trial of Valor2016-11-082
    Emerald Nightmare Normal2016-10-274
    Emerald Nightmare Normal2016-10-253
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-10-223
    Emerald Nightmare Normal2016-10-203
    Emerald Nightmare Normal2016-10-182
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-10-152
    Emerald Nightmare Normal2016-10-111
    Emerald Nightmare Normal2016-10-062
    Heroic EN2016-10-052
    Emerald Nightmare Normal2016-10-042
    Emerald Dream Normal2016-10-012
    Emerald Nightmare-Normal2016-09-292
    Emerald Nightmare-Normal2016-09-272
    Emerald Nightmare2016-09-242
    Emerald Nightmare-Normal2016-09-222
    Emerald Nightmare Normal2016-09-202

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    Attendance By Event

    Event Name Percentage
    Beginning Attendence 0/0 (0%)
    Bonus Loot 0/0 (0%)
    Heroic Boss Kill 0/0 (0%)
    Normal Boss Kill 0/0 (0%)
    Second Half Attendance 0/0 (0%)
    Trash 0/0 (0%)


    Date Amount Reason Earned Spent Total

    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em