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re: How to Claim Characters


How to Claim Your Characters:

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to go to the guild roster page and claim your character or characters to associate them with your guild site account. This helps the officers keep track of which character belongs to who, make sure all your characters receive the right promotions, and keep the website roster and game roster synced.

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You'll see a list of characters belonging to the members of Reciprocity. The list defaults to alphabetical order by character name, but you can sort on any of the fields by clicking the blue field name links above the columns to help find your character more quickly.

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There are links to the next pages in the list at the bottom right corner of the character list.

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I know it's tempting to just type your character name in that box with the magnifying glass icon and search for your character, but unfortunately, that functionality is a little hinky and won't give you a way to claim your character.

The list is pulled from the Armory. If you're new to the guild and you're not seeing your character(s) in the list, please poke an officer in game, we can force the guild site to pull a new list from Blizzard.

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Once you've found your character in the list, click the blue "Claim" link on the far right column of the character list for your character.

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If you've selected the character you want to claim, go ahead and confirm the choice. The next page will show you a list of the characters you've claimed. You can also get to this page at any time by viewing your profile and clicking the Characters tab.

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